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Idioms - Kerala PSC English

Idioms and Phrases

  1. A bird's eye view - general view
  2. A cat and dog life - To lead a life full of quarrels
  3. A close-fisted person - a miser
  4. A cold fish - A person devoid of emotions
  5. A daredevil - A person who does not care for any consequences
  6. A deadlock - A position when no progress can be made
  7. A pipe dream - an impractical plan
  8. Alive and kicking - Active and healthy
  9. All and sundry - everyone without distinction
  10. An acid test - a difficult test
  11. An apple of discord - a cause of rivalry
  12. At sea - Confused or lost
  13. Be in a tight corner - In a very difficult situation
  14. Behind one’s back - In the absence of
  15. Between the devil and the deep blue sea - between two difficulties
  16. Birds of the same feather - persons of like tastes
  17. Black and blue - severely
  18. Bury the hatchet - forget the difference
  19. Cat and dog life - Life full of quarrels
  20. Chip of the old block - child that inherits his father's or mother's traits
  21. Cock and bull story - Made up story that one should not believe
  22. Cry for the moon - Ask for the impossible
  23. Double-dealing - Deceiving
  24. Dutch courage - courage made by taking an intoxicated substance
  25. Gift of the gab - ability to speak eloquently
  26. Have a card up one’s sleeve - Have a secret plan in reserve
  27. Let the cat out of the bag - to make known a secret
  28. Like a cat on hot bricks - Very nervous
  29. No love lost between - not in good terms
  30. Pros and cons - the advantages and disadvantages of something
  31. Rolling stone - active person
  32. Run over - to drive over
  33. Run through - to squander or waste
  34. Tell against - To prove adverse to; to go against
  35. The best of both worlds - benefits connected with two different areas
  36. The boot is on the other leg - the true position is exactly the reverse
  37. The olive branch - offer of peace
  38. The rank and the file - undistinguished mass
  39. Throw up one's card - accept defeat
  40. To add fuel to flames - to make a bad situation worse
  41. To be born with a silver spoon - to be rich by birth
  42. To beat around the bush - to avoid main point
  43. To bell the cat - To face the risk
  44. To blow hot and cold - to change one's positions quickly
  45. To blow one's own trumpet - to praise oneself
  46. To break the ice - To break the silence
  47. To bring to book- to punish
  48. To build castles in the air - to indulge in imaginary schemes
  49. To burn one’s fingers - To lose on account of foolish behavior
  50. To burn the candle at both ends - to spend lavishly
  51. To call a spade a spade - To be frank and truthful
  52. To come off with flying colours - to be successful
  53. To cross the Rubicon - To take a decisive step
  54. To cry over split milk - to worry over past matters
  55. To die hard - Change with great difficulty
  56. To eat humble pie - To apologise in a humble manner
  57. To fight a losing battle - Struggle without hope of success
  58. To foot the bill - to pay the charges
  59. To get cold feet - to be afraid
  60. To give one a piece of mind - to give somebody an unpleasant truth
  61. To grease the palm - to bribe
  62. To have clean hands - to be free from guilt
  63. To have no backbone - to have no character
  64. To keep open house - show hospitality
  65. To keep wolf from the door - to keep away starvation
  66. To lose one's head - to become confused and over excited
  67. To make a clean breast of - to confess everything
  68. To make much ado about nothing - to make a lot of commotion over silly matters
  69. To move heaven and earth - make every possible effort
  70. To nip in the bud - destroy in the early stage of growth
  71. To play ducks and drakes - squander
  72. To play second fiddle - to take less important place
  73. To play the game - to act honestly
  74. To put the cart before the horse - to do things in the reverse order
  75. To read between lines - understand the hidden meaning
  76. To rub shoulders with - to come into contact with
  77. To settle an old score - to take vengeance
  78. To snap one's fingers - to be anxious
  79. To spell the beans - to reveal secret information
  80. To topple the apple cart - to destroy one's imaginary plans

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